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Recreational classes begins in September and conclude at our recital in May. All recreational classes participate in recital and require a costume which will be purchased through the studio.



TOTs - Ages 3-6

Junior - Ages 7-12

Teen - Ages 13+




Jazz | 45 minutes

Dancers learn to kick, turn, leap and do all kinds of other fun tricks in this high-energy class! Jazz focuses on strength & flexibility and incorporates technique to achieve new skills. Ballet class is recommended to be taken concurrently.


Tap | 45 minutes

Dancers will use their tap shoes to create rhythm, percussion and execute numerous sounds/steps.


Contemporary | 45 minutes

Creative, story-telling, emotional. Dancers will utilize all of their dance training (from Ballet to Hip-hop) to execute technique and express themselves through movement. Ballet class is recommended to be taken concurrently.


Hip-Hop | 45 minutes

Does your dancer need somewhere to put that sass? Hip-hop is the place! Dancers learn fun, exciting dance steps along with challenging tricks and stalls. We work on healthy ways to build confidence and teach your kid to approach life with a little "swag".


Modern | 45 minutes

Similar to contemporary, modern is a free, expressive style of dance focused less on classical technique and more on abstract shapes, concepts and movements. Dancers will learn how to loosen up and move in new, unconventional ways.


Improvisation | 45 minutes

Improvisation is the act of creating or performing something spontaneously. Dancers will be given ideas, concepts, feelings or stories as motivation and asked to interpret these ideas into their own creative movement. Ballet, jazz, contemporary or modern classes are recommended to be taken concurrently.


Ballet | 45 minutes

Ballet is the foundation of all dance training. Learn ballet basics in a beginning class or move into the more challenging technical material in Intermediate/Advanced classes. Dancers learn the discipline and placement to execute proper ballet technique. We encourage all of our dancers to learn the artistry of this beautiful genre.




TOT Classes

Ages 3-6


Our TOT program is the perfect place for your little human to learn new skills, explore their creativity, begin to understand classroom rules/structure and have FUN!

TOT classes may be taken individually or as a block.



TOT Ballet | 30 minutes

TOTs learn the basics of ballet technique in this class. This is a great starting point for any young dancer to begin their training.



TOT Tap | 30 minutes

TOTs will use their tiny tot tap shoes to create rhythm, percussion and sounds with their feet.



TOT-Hop | 30 minutes

You guessed it - hip-hop for your tiny human! What could be better than that? Dancers will learn the basics of hip-hop and have a great time doing it.

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