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Recreational/Squad classes start in September and conclude at our recital in May. All recreational and Hip-Hop Squad Rehearsal classes participate in recital.

What is Hip-Hop Squad?

Too busy to fully commit to the Company program? Prefer to only take a few recreational classes? Still want the thrill of performing at a competition? GLDF's Hip-Hop Squad is for you! 





Requirements for all Hip-Hop Squad members are the Squad Rehearsal Class and one additional Recreational Hip-Hop Class.



Squad Rehearsal | 45 minutes

The Hip-Hop Squad will rehearse their competition routine during this class.


Recreational Hip-Hop | 45 minutes

Does your dancer need somewhere to put that sass? Hip-hop is the place! Dancers learn fun, exciting dance steps along with challenging tricks and stalls. We work on healthy ways to build confidence and teach your kid to approach life with a little "swag".

Hip-Hop Squad Auditions

Dancers will learn a short hip-hop combination and perform in small groups for judges.

Dance experience necessary.

Shoes: Clean sneakers that have never been worn outside or bare feet.

Attire: Leggings, sweats, booty shorts, tank tops and dance shirts are all acceptable

Hair: Pony or bun

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